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We are more likely to talk about what we want and what pleases us. We may begin looking for a new long-term relationship, a dinner and movie companion or a close friend.

Our interactions hinted delicately at a potential for deeper engagement with a man who felt sexually enlightened.

In other words, he understood the power of words and seemed like a man who enjoyed sex almost as an art form.

I made all this up–pulled it out of thin air, spinning a web.

The basics of dating remain the same, but we have our own unique needs and, occasionally, challenges. We tend to be more emotionally stable and secure in our sense of self.

We come with slightly worn bodies—a beauty much like the patina on a much-loved piece of furniture.

We are still working, striving to make a meaningful life and pursuing our careers. We have pretty much figured out who we are and our place in the world.

Hopefully we’ve gone through our midlife crisis, if it is to be, and we are comfortable in our own skins. Our experiences have informed us about what works and what doesn’t.

I’m thrilled to have been chosen as one of the 10 Best Dating Divas by Dating Advice, a website featuring articles from dating experts. Little dings are commonplace, but we have a luster, mixed with the wisdom of age, that is much more appealing that a new shiny piece of cheaply fabricated material.

There is a ‘senior’ category of dating mixed in among Gay/Lesbian, online dating, dating tips for men and tips for women. And, in the upcoming weeks I’ll be writing a guest post for the site. Give me a classy antique made of solid wood any day.

Writing useful and mainstream advice for the over 50 dating woman and man isn’t as easy as I thought it would be when I started The Diva of Dating blog. Older men and women are more likely to observe the convention of “good manners”.

Most of what we see in the press is geared to a younger set. We understand courtesy and good hospitality in a way that the younger generation may see as outdated and often unnecessary.

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