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"On our side, we’re currently testing a platform to add advertising into our revenue stream. We don’t want to be the Times Square of apps," she says.

Yet while dating app ad campaigns have so far proved the exception rather than the rule, times are changing and Happn hopes to be a driver of that change.

Ad campaigns via dating apps are still relative rarities.

Between brands unsure how to use their unique features and apps often lacking a fully-developed ad revenue strategy, the channel remains under-exploited.

The France-based app is making a name for itself among NGOs looking to promote good causes as well as brands.

Happn’s USP is that it focuses on urban centres and is all about meeting people users have "crossed paths with" in real life, encouraging continuous daily use rather than selective visits.

The app has been adding 1.2m users a month but is currently still fairly ad-free even though this year, after a long period of testing, it has ramped up its efforts to boost advertising.

Marie Cosnard, Happn’s head of trends, told that while the company is currently working to develop a clear strategy to generate more advertising revenue, it will maintain a very selective policy.

Those campaigns that do surface still regularly make news headlines, partly due to scarcity value.

Yet their newsworthiness has another, more positive element and the headlines are also reflective of the creative, quirky thinking these campaigns encourage.

While smartphone dating apps have their limitations (small screens, short attention span, a need to battle against growing resistance to ads that interrupt content) they also offer huge potential and force marketers to think differently about how they get their message across.

Tinder has been the app of choice for many, but newer rivals like Happn are beginning to make an impact too.

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