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Several of you ladies have sent me links to a few trending stories about how “mystified” some black women bloggers are about all the “hoopla” surrounding interracial dating, particularly when it comes to white men.

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Charlie just isn’t garnering the same fear it used to.

So now the new message is, “Men are men, no matter the color!

” Which if you read between the lines, you get the sense that what the writer is really saying is, “You think the grass is greener on the white side of the fence? Might as well continue to eat shit with your own people and save yourself the humiliation and insult of eating a white man’s shit.” is the criticism that interracial dating books like SWIRLING and blogs are egregious in telling black women that white men, and only white men, are your romantical saviors.

This especially hikes my turd-o-meter, because anyone who has actually read SWIRLING knows that not one line, sentence or phrase implies that I’m trying to establish white-men-worship as a new religion.

These people are outright LYING, and the spirit of journalism does not reside anywhere near the vicinity of their conscience and/or consciousness.

But I guess I should be flattered to know that some folks are so threatened by this book that they’re willing to lie and cheat in order to keep people from reading it.

Bottom line is this: Men are men, in that they all have penises, grow hair on their face, and can assist you with your procreation endeavors. All men are not the same, just like all black women are not ghetto, loud, and bitchy.

All men are not the same, just like not all white people are rhythm challenged.

All men are not the same, just like not all black men are criminals.

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