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If, by some extraordi- nary chance, while the craft was flying over Paris at an alti- tude of forty thousand feet, this trap happened to dangle into the enclosures of the zoo of Vincennes, it might capture here a monkey, there an eland, elsewhere some oversluggish or somnolent wart hog.

Whereupon the geologists, the histori- ans, and the terranographers of the unknown planet would not hesitate to conclude with all due seriousness, basing their opinions on the above harvest: "The capital of France lies in an equatorial climate, as its essentially African fauna bears witness." Neither is it difficult to imagine, without venturing too far into the realms of the fantastic, that the same trap, if lowered into a Toulon square in the vicinity of a performing bear and his master, might grab the wage-earner and not the man.

The deductions that our extraterrestrials would make from this might be that the Riviera was a no man's land, still covered with impenetrable forests!

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It is impossible by such means to achieve a general synthesis; to acquire an over-all view, a true picture of the background of marine life; to understand what the oceanog- rapher would call the "biocenosis" * as we are able to do where a village, a wood, or a pool is concerned.

It has been stated over and over again, because the nets failed to bring up from great depths samples of any form of life except the smaller organisms, that life becomes less and less abundant as one descends; that in the abysses it has virtually ceased to exist except for numbers of small luminous organisms, a fact which we are told is a necessary consequence of the great pres- sure, the lack of food and light, etc.

Beebe, however, de- scended to a depth of 2950 feet, while Barton dived to 4470 feet, and the thing that struck them most forcibly was the multiplicity and the density of deep-sea life and the surpris- ing number of enormous animals dwelling in the depths.

They are not, indeed, unmindful of the fundamental tenuousness of their premises.

Their deductions are models of caution, while the multiplicity of their experiments bears witness to their desire for truth.

1957 All Rights Reserved Library of Congress Catalog Card Number: 57-9118 Printed by American Book-Stratford Press, Inc., New York Foreword THE OCEANOGRAPHERS, the technicians in marine biology, the geophysicists who study the submarine floor, all work with admirable conscientiousness.

Who was it who wrote: "We must work in the dark; the most perfect devices are by their very nature undiscrimi- nating with respect to the samples they chance to collect; dredges and townets suddenly tear a few animals from vari- ous different places on or above the bottom, animals that find themselves, during the ascent, cheek by jowl with the most unexpected neighbors'? The oceanographical ship behaves a little like a spaceship from another planet, which, with a view to making an inven- tory of the different kinds of animal life on earth and of their distribution, lowers a virtually inescapable trap at the end of a monstrous rope to our terrestrial soil.

Please report lost cards and change of residence promptly. "Now then, clever critic," someone may say to us, "are you 5 FOREWORD such an expert in the matter?

OO r i"he T/crlci beneath tbe Kansas city public Irbrary kansas city, missoun Books will be issued only on presentation of .'library card. All this arises from the fact that they are working blindly, To lower nets in order to catch whatever fate sends, to in- dicate on a chart "sandy bottom** because ten soundings with a grab have brought back a handful of sand each time, to note that the sea water has a salinity of thirty-five grams per kilogram because that was the case in the sample contained in the Nansen bottle brought up from a certain depthall these are not, strictly speaking, scientific calculations, but approxi- mate deductions.

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