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I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 all the time, but I have to admit as time goes on I have began to really dislike Kate Gosselin and the show. First and foremost Kate expects everything to be given to them for free, and though she gets everything, she acts completely ungrateful. Kate kicks Aunt Jodie off the show because she doesn’t want her getting paid for her appearances. Having PCOS myself and been through multiple fertility treatments, it’s a topic I know a bit about. would have proceed with an IUI without proper monitoring. Pretends to eat only organic food when it’s obvious she doesn’t.

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I can't even imagine how powerful a vintage bottle of this stuff is, and again, I love it, but I would NOT wear it out in public...suited for at home use...I'm someone who doesn't GAF what anyone thinks.... That said, Kouros shares many of the aromatic qualities of the fougeres of its era, which lends the impression of a fougere.

lasting power is beyond anything I've personally ever tried, it even clinged onto my shirt after being washed with Gain detergent, yes, it's that freaking strong. The crown princes shall be Animale and Givenchy Gentleman; Kouros shall rule over them all. It's fougere-like, but it's not a true fougere - there's no lavender, and the coumarin is too subdued to form the heart of the fragrance.

It's virile, strong, fearless, bristling and purring. The accord is utterly divine, and should be a fragrance group in its own right.

Top notes are aldehydes, artemisia, coriander, clary sage and bergamot; middle notes are carnation, patchouli, cinnamon, orris root, jasmine, vetiver and geranium; base notes are honey, leather, tonka bean, amber, musk, civet, oakmoss and vanilla. If you are bald then just spray musk all over your cat and then smell it. That is why although I used to like the original one, I find the current formula, and most likely the original one if I could smell it again, very depressing. The scent of urine I associate more with Magie Noire. Kouros also has oriental flourishes - that lovely spice, vanilla and tonka accord in the dry down.

To describe it, it's just purely a mix of musk and clean (I know it sounds weird) hair. Kouros could also pass as a chypre, like its cousin Antaeus - but although oak moss is abundant, the bergamot top note is too short-lived to make it a true chypre.

Kouros of 80's might have smelled like that, but reformulated ones never ever smelling like urine.. That's spot on - Kouros' core is animalic leather, bolstered by fougere, chypre and oriental notes.

Anyway, i wish i could have chance to use that urine Kouros of 80's :) I love & hate this one. one spray max IMHO..even then, people will look at you and wonder if you've pissed yourself. On first blast, Kouros is both confronting and refreshing, thanks to the contrast between the strong animalic notes and the clean bergamot and spices. Just this morning, after applying half a spray, my partner commented on how nice I smelt, and snuggled in closer to me. My early 2008 bottle still contains evernia furfuracea extract and evernia prunastri extract.

This is in addition to the “Love Offerings” that are collected and the ,000 appearance fee they require to speak at churches and other events. Edited to add: I do not fault the Gosselins for accepting freebies and getting paid gigs, my #1 complaint is Kate’s attitude and ungratefulness that has resulted from this.

Charging cash at their appearances for autographed pictures. Get ready for next season when Jon and Kate renew their vows in Hawaii and move into their million dollar home.

Complains about cleanliness but leaves pee in the potty chairs all over the house. Has made comments like, “society has a responsibility to help with the children, since modern medicine promotes the use of fertility drugs, which can lead to multiple births”.

Kouros by Yves Saint Laurent is a Aromatic Fougere fragrance for men. It's quite nice actually, but I imagine it would smell too thick & cloying in the heat. I always thought it smelled of toilet, but I did not realize until now what it was - it is exactly the smell of naphtalene balls in a toilet. As for the comparison with urine, I do not think it smells of clean urine, I always thought it does smell of a mixture of urine and other male bodily secretions, all sort of seasoned by poor hygiene habits. People are always commenting Kouros as it is smelling like urine.. But ultimately, I agree with the reviewer below who suggests Kouros is a leather scent.

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