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If you haven’t heard of Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg) then we don't know where you've been hiding.

It's been a thing now for over a year so its become normal - even Alfie’s mum calls us Zalfie.

You're very open with your vlogging, but are there times when you worry about privacy?

A lot of people knew where I lived before and on occasion that did make me very wary.

It was quite a scary concept because writing is easier but I plucked up the courage one day to make a video with my friend.

It was quite scary, but I already had my blogging audience who were like "Yh we really want to see a video". I have a thing at the moment about my giggle because I laugh at everything and I play back my videos and my laugh is awful.

Not many people like watching themselves on camera. I've got to stop laughing - especially now people make remixes of my laugh and I find them and I’m like "Oh God".You have a huge following now, so do you see yourself as a bit of a celeb? I always say 6 million people like to watch my videos so a lot of people know who I am, but I just think of myself as a normal person that lots of people watch.Out of all of those followers, has anyone ever sent you a really weird request?I once had a man ask me to model a pair of tights with a reinforced toe - that was strange so I was like "erm I’m going to ignore that". Around 99.9 per cent of comments are all lovely, but there will be days where one per cent are nasty and I'll think I don’t want to make a video ever again I’m shutting down the Internet it’s so unfair. You and Alfie [Deyes, Zoe's boyfriend and creator of Pointless Blog] are both big on Youtube, but do you ever get competitive?There was a comment on one of my videos recently where a man said he would pay somebody £50 if they found him a picture of my feet, and someone actually messaged saying "Ive found one! Not really but sometimes there are moments when he says "I’m filming this" and I'm like "I wanted to film this" and he's just like "No I bagsied this".You may not be Hollywood A-listers, but you and Alfie are known as 'Zalfie' to fans. Someone said the other day that we're like the Beyonce and Jay-Z of Youtube – I kind of really like that name.

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