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OYE Record Store in Berlin: Set amongst Prenzlauer Berg?s wide leafy streets, Oye Records houses a fantastic range of music.

The store regularly plays host to gigs and helpful staff are keen to recommend music you might like.

For a high quality, broad selection of music spanning all genres, OYE has no rival.

In this post you are going to get all of the resources you’ll need to learn Brazilian Portuguese from 0 to fluent.

This list is written primarily with the self directed student who wants to learn to speak Portuguese at their own pace.

If you’re the kind of person who feels confident taking control of your learning experience and can mesh together your own study plan from a number of different sources then you’ll feel right at home here.

This list, and most of this site for that matter, is written primarily for people who plan on going to Brazil in the near future.Whether that means you’ll be taking just a short vacation to Brazil, whether you’re going on an exchange program or if you plan on living in Brazil long term, you’re probably going to use this page at some point in your efforts to learn Portuguese.If this is your first time visiting this site I’d invite you to take a look around and see some of the other content that we have on the site.Brazilian Gringo was created to help people like you overcome the initial language and cultural challenges that every foreigner goes through when they move to Brazil.With that introduction out of the way with, here’s a table of contents that will help you navigate this page and find what you’re looking for.If you’re like the majority of people on this planet, you probably have no exposure to the Portuguese language.

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