Virtual sex chat robot

I could never imagine actually being turned by this device.

But there are apparently plenty of people who are into Hentai and CGI porn out there, and this technology isn't far from making their pixelated cyber fantasies come true.

Here's how the tech works: The software, which was designed for Tenga by the Japanese erotic game developer Illusion, was crafted for the Oculus Rift, which an aspiring virtual sex participant then straps onto his head.

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He'd come by the Motherboard office to demonstrate the "future of masturbation," as he put it. As soon as we sat down, he encouraged to put my head into a pair of VR goggles, where a female avatar was bent over the side of the bed and a rendering of Tenga's sex tube protruding from the screen where the er, gun would typically be in a first person shooter.

My instincts immediately told me to tear the glasses off my head; I peeled them off and looked around.

I mumbled something like, "shit." They laughed and told me to go on, and maneuvered the robot arm so it was adjacent to my pelvis.

If I pushed the arm with my hips, sure enough, the phallic cone responded onscreen, thrusting inward.

The machine in turn responded to the action on screen too, generating resistance.

It was more creepy than erotic—especially given that I was blindly bumping my pelvis into a plastic red tube gripped by a robot at 3 pm, in broad view of the VICE lobby where a growing number of visitors were craning their necks with puzzled looks on their faces.It was a special kind of comic embarrassment; one I suffered for you, dear readers, who deserve only the best in virtual reality sex robot journalism.In the future, some people will choose to spend Valentine's Day alone, having virtual sex with a 3D avatar with the help of a fully responsive robotic assistant. They're also promoting a jerry-rigged amalgam of software and robotics that's easily the closest you can come to having physical sex with a video game. Tenga is a Japanese manufacturer of disposable male sex toys—they make cylindrical "masturbation aids" that somehow don't seem as repulsive as the Fleshlight (perhaps mostly because they're not called a fleshlight).At a tech conference last fall, Tenga unveiled a crude contraption that allowed volunteers to participate in a simulation wherein they received sexual favors from an anime character through virtual reality goggles.Since then, they've updated the software and the graphics of the simulator, and are continuing to promote robot-assisted virtual sex.

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