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Unless you live under a rock and are not immersed into our society today, there is little room for this term to be applied to anyone. While many people do marry in their 20’s and 30’s, many others choose their careers and live happy and full lives.

Some people have no desire to marry at all and choose not to. Besides, is it really anyone else’s business what you choose? While this term mildly annoyed me, I can now sit back and reflect on just how far women have come.

Today women are a strong and influential part of our society. So the next time someone tries (keyword is TRIES) to put you down or make you feel bad because you are single or still looking for your Mr.

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During the last Presidential election, things got pretty heated here in the USA.

On social media, things got downright ugly at times.

Not only did people hold vastly different views and argue with each other nonstop, but many took it to a personal level and verbally attacked each other based on their differing views. When a guy from my hometown had no comeback, he decided it was okay to attack me personally. Now this got me to thinking, where did this term come from? My other thought was this guy needs to get out more and live in the world of today and not centuries ago! While the term originate in England, the card game we all played as children actually originated in Asia, where playing cards originated.

As if personal attacks and name calling are ever an adult and respectable way to resolve differences! This attitude does tend to prevail among some in the small rural community where I grew up. During Victorian times, people were concerned about etiquette and rules of adornment(they also played a lot of cards), so this term was used to reinforce the negative image of a spinster or unmarried woman.

You are a force to be reckoned with and you should be proud of that!

Remember, people try to put others down based on their own insecurities. Do not allow them to make you question yourself or the wonderful woman you are.The only “Old Maid” that exists today is a card game with Victorian roots.The card game became popular in the United States in the 19th century and many latched onto the term to refer negatively to an unmarried woman. Societal norms have changed our ideas about many things.Centuries ago, people did not spend years in college or wait so long to get married – they married very young.Today, many wait until their thirties or later to marry for the first time.Since “Old Maid” is defined as a woman who remains single beyond the conventional age for marrying, does this term really apply to anything today?

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