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My sister recently had her i Phone stolen, and it occurred to me that not enough people know how to help protect their i Phone/i Pad from theft, what to do if it gets lost or stolen, and the steps to take even if they’re unable to get it back.

Using a combination of security tips and geolocation, using Find My i Phone, you should have a Next, find your device’s Serial Number and IMEI Number (phones only), and write them down somewhere (not on the device), as you may need these at a later date.

The IMEI is a unique number used by GSM networks to identify valid phones, and can be used to block lost or stolen devices (this is explained further down).

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When Apple released i OS 4.2, they announced that they were making their Find My i Phone service free to everyone.

The service allows you to geolocate your device, send it messages, or wipe it remotely.

To set up Find My i Phone on your i OS 7/8 device, follow these instructions: i Cloud.

Then, either sign in with your Apple ID (the account you use for i Tunes or App Store purchases), or create a new Apple ID for free.

If you ever want to disable Find My i Phone, you can do this in: If your device is lost or stolen when this is setting is off, you won’t be able to track it. For this to work you will need to hope that your i Phone or i Pad has an of internet connection (3G/4G or Wifi).

Disabling Find My i Phone will also allow a thief to restore your phone without needing to know your i Cloud credentials. As you hopefully tested in Step 2 above, log in to Find My i Phone to see where your phone is.

So, you’ve gone and lost your i Phone, or had your i Pad stolen. If you’re still in a bar and your device has just gone missing, or you want to be able to stalk the thief, you can install the free Find My i Phone app onto another (friend’s? At this point you can try to track down and confront the thief yourself (not recommended unless you have backup) – or – file a police report and get them to go pick it up for you.

Once signed in, activate Find My i Phone by turning it on at the bottom of the i Cloud settings pane.

On i OS 8 you also have the option to turn on ‘Send Last Location’ which makes the phone report its last location when the battery is critically low.

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