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The Microsoft Word app is one of the most useful apps for attorneys looking to get work done on their i OS devices.

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So if you are reading a document and you want to make a note in the margin, just make the note with the Pencil. Using the Draw tab, you can switch between a pen, a highlighter and an eraser.

You can tap a plus or minus sign to make the pen or highlighter thicker or thinner.

You can change the color of the pen ink or the highlighter, either by picking one of the four default colors, or by tapping the fifth color circle which brings up a color wheel.

Spin the outer wheel to choose the basic color, then spin the inner wheel to select how light or dark the color should be. The eraser tool doesn't work like a traditional eraser.

Instead, when the tool is enabled, any drawing that you tap just disappears. If you are not using an Apple Pencil, then you need to flip on the switch labeled Draw with Touch.

This lets you use a finger or other stylus to draw.

Then you flip off the Draw with Touch switch to use your finger to scroll up and down the page or select a specific drawing to move it around, or use the pop-up menu to cut, copy, or paste whatever you selected.

Word on the i Pad — the Draw tab and the Apple Pencil In late January of 2016, Microsoft added drawing tools to the i Pad version of Microsoft Word.

One way to access the drawing tools is to tap the Draw tab.

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