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Fedora is planning a new release schedule and the Ubuntu team is looking at new features to add to the upcoming April release.Any operating system is ultimately used to run applications and services.With that in mind our feature review this week examines a young web browser which offers flexibility, speed and a familiar interface.

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Welcome to this year's 3rd issue of Distro Watch Weekly!

When developing free and/or open source software there is often the question of how to pay the bills.

Some projects, such as Parted Magic, charge a small fee for their software.

Other projects may ask for donations or gain revenue through advertising.

Whatever the method, large software projects need funding to maintain websites, feed the developers and distribute packages.

One open source project currently feeling the financial pinch is Open BSD, an operating system best known for its amazing security record.Learn about the project's latest challenge in our News section below.Also this week we look at changes coming to two of the Linux community's most popular distributions.As usual, we cover the distribution announcements from the past week and look ahead to exciting new releases to come. Over a decade ago I was looking for a web browser that would better suit my needs.I was dual-booting Windows and Linux at the time and was hoping to find a web browser that would work well on both platforms.I was hoping for a browser that would be fast (my hardware at the time was modest), standards compliant and, if at all possible, I wanted a nice user interface.

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