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In the Search Companion, check All Files and Folders for the most extensive search. (In Windows Vista, search can be utilized by typing your search query-for example, "logs"-and pressing Enter.) Consider searching for the keyword "logs" and peruse files which might fit the criteria you are looking for. It is possible your IM client does not have IM logging active.

Check your settings by visiting the client's preferences, then find the IM log options.

Lots of great new improvements coming your way in the new Trillian 5.3 for Windows beta now released to testers! Save chats to your contact list, automatically join selected chats, stay in chat rooms even when closing the window, edit topics directly from the chat window, and much more! In addition to beefing up group chats across the board, we're also unveiling Trillian group chats in 5.3!

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By Brandon De Hoyos A common feature on most IM clients is an option that records your chat conversations called IM logging.

These IM logs, often as simple as a text file, chronicle the chats you have with your IM contacts.

With the appropriate settings left on, an IM client will record your conversations and automatically save a copy of this chat on your hard drive.

These records can become vital sources of information, some of which could be private or confidential.

Trillian group chats are a great way to keep a team connected - they're persistent and cloud-history backed, ensuring you can catch up on conversation that happened while you weren't around. Just in time for Mists of Pandaria, the new in-game plugin exposes an overlay that works inside of full screen games to keep you connected while you play!

In-game chat supports tabbed chatting, alerts, and a cool "unread badge" that sticks around even when the overlay isn't visible so you always know how many unread messages await you.To try it out, simply load a full screen game while the plugin is running and wait for the welcome alert. 5.3 vastly improves the way Trillian handles SSL certificate validation.While some users might look up their IM logs to find the address or telephone number of an online contact given during the course of conversation, others could search for such records as a means of gaining unsolicited access to your personal chats.This handy guide will show you how to locate your own personal IM logs or any chat logs that might exist on a computer.Most IM logs appear in one of two places: the user's "My Documents" folder (on Windows OS) or within the client's folder located in the "Program Files" folder on your computer's C: drive.Here is how to manually locate these folders: If you are having issues locating these folders or were unsuccessful in your manual search, use the search function on your computer by clicking Start, then Search.

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