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I agree that the disappearing act is worse after dating for several months, but it is still rude to disappear after 1-2 dates.If you went out with a person at least once, then there was at least some initial interest. you wouldn't want to be with someone like that anyway...I would rather have a woman tell me that "we're not a match" than just ignore me. be glad you found out early..." but really, I think it's only human to feel disappointed and rejected.

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Sure, the whole "you're not their type" thing comes up as a possibility, but it probably doesn't stop you from wondering *why* you're not their type. and there are situations where it wasn't early - mine was a serious relationship that we had both invested nearly a year in. It is hard to shrug your shoulders and walk away from that - it's been months and I still wonder "WTH?

"I have ideas (he realized he couldn't move and instead of facing me and telling me that, he chose the coward way out - being in KY, ten hours away, not like I can knock on his door & ask him why - I'm not driving ten hours to do that, either! But I don't know - it definitely sits in the back of your mind for a long time.

Cindy, didn't your mama tell you to always put things back where you found them?

One friend had such a run of disappearing men that she started saying, "Wow, ANOTHER one who got hit by a bus!

" It always made me laugh, but maybe it's a better way to deal with the mystery than to agonize over every last possible why. (Mentally, that is; I'm not advocating death for cowards--for one thing, they die enough little deaths anyhow from lack of courage.)--Ms.

Flis" Of all the wonders I yet have heard, it seems to me most strange;that men fear death, a necessary evil, will come when it will come.

Cowards die many times before their death, the valiant taste of death but once."William Shakespeare-Julius CÆsar Cindy OWhen it happens after seeing someone for several months and developing some real feelings and trust toward

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Makes you feel like a piece of shit, not even worth the few minutes of the other persons time to respond and say it's just not working for them.

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