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I happen to be a female, and I can tell you that I enjoy sex every bit as much as a man does.

There is still somewhat of a double standard where sex is concerned, but promiscuous women aren’t viewed with the same level of disdain as in decades past.

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They have since the beginning of time, and I’m sure they will til the end of time (or beyond) as well.

Many women these days are just as promiscuous as men.

It also led to men and women spending lots of time together, which of course led to more of them doing other things.

Having a child out of wedlock was still viewed as taboo, so the age to get married was lowered.

Advances in medicine led to more women and children surviving childbirth. Many people drank to relieve their stress, This of course led to reduced inhibitions and more sex. The invention of electricity and running water made life easier.

Prepare to have your mind blown as we explore the world of free sex together.

Sex: A Brief History Society has always tried to put limitations on sex. Add to that the prevalence of disease and the lack of sanitation and personal hygiene, it’s no wonder sex wasn’t that high on their priority list.

Be it religion or just social disapproval, having sex freely has been frowned on by most societies. Sex of any kind was considered something that happened behind closed doors, and free sex was a dirty secret that it was in the participants best interest to keep. If you think back to most societies throughout history, survival was much harder than it is today. The Late 1800’s The Industrial Revolution led to a revolution in many other areas. While a few women worked outside of the home prior to the Industrial Revolution, it became much more common.

This led to women having much more freedom and independence.

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