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Birthday BBW Three Some - My cock never felt this way I was about to bust a move with these two foxy ladies tugging at me dick....

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Sexy XXX erotic stories and tales of BBW girls and large women performing sex and blowjobs.

This collection of sexy fat chick stories involve sexual encounters with fat and chubby girls, also known as big beautiful women (BBW's).

Larger males are referred to as BHM (Big Handsome Men). I suppose it just depends on the particular girl you are trying to hump.

Collection of BBW Sex Stories that are cellphone and mobile friendly, and you can print out.

Sexy Adventures of Daytona and Kal - Her clitoris looked like a little pee-pee poking through her inner labia...

Erica Needs Cash Fast - Erica is a desperate Juggalette slut who needs money to avoid eviction She will do anything even getting all her holes filled by half the town...First Foursome Experience - The thought of three cocks around me got me so aroused my pussy was getting wetter...I've been told, well I've also experienced it myself, a lot of guys just love getting off by titting fucking those DDD, and larger boobs, fat women possess. Me, I'm Mandy by the way, I'm a little on the chubby side with a few extra pounds and a big butt, but I wouldn't say I'm easy, not that I don't like getting laid and feeling a good stiff cock in my pussy or ass, it's just I'm kinda of fussy about who's going to be the one performing the old in-out with me.Anyway, the XXX porn stories involving BBW's are below - we don't have many do we?Please feel free to submit some of your own sex tales and fantasies of fucking fat girls for our adult readership.Don't forget to bookmark this page so you can find us again!

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