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_____ VACCINE: The figure above shows a victim of smallpox.______ Prologue: “You let a doctor take a dainty, helpless baby, and put that stuff from a cow, which has been scratched and had dirt rubbed into her wound, into that child.Even, the Jennerians now admit that infant vaccination spreads disease among children.

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However, vaccines can in rare cases themselves cause illness.

A rare potential for harm can loom large when people no longer experience or fear the targeted disease.

In this regard, the public opinion of vaccines can be a victim of their success.

The world has come a long way since George Bernard Shaw fulminated against vaccination in the 1920s.

Small pox was declared eradicated from world in 1980 largely due to small pox vaccine.

In 2008, Barack Obama called science on vaccines ‘inconclusive’.But in 2015, the same Barack Obama called science on vaccines “indisputable”.Vaccination was voted by readers of the British Medical Journal in 2007 as one of the four most important developments in medicine of the past 150 years, alongside sanitation, antibiotics and anaesthesia.Vaccination currently saves an estimated three million lives per year throughout the world and so topped the list in terms of lives saved, making it one of the most cost-effective health interventions available.Vaccines are widely recognized as one of the greatest public health successes of the last century, significantly reducing morbidity and mortality from a variety of bacteria and viruses.Diseases that were once the cause of many outbreaks, common causes of loss of health and life, are now rarely seen, because they have been prevented by vaccines.

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