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However Michael commits a mistake in the software and instead of decimals, they steal a large amount....

The infamous "PC Load Letter" error that confounded Michael Bolton is a message that the printer was out of, or not recognizing the refill of Letter-sized (8.5x11 inches) paper. Older model HP Laserjet printers commonly display this error.

This error also occurs when attempting to print a non-letter-sized project onto letter-sized paper.

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Mike Judge really captures the aspect that makes office life so miserable, which is without a doubt the characters that you must deal with that your personal life would normally exclude.

There is no question that he must've had his own bout with the way of the office bitch, as he shows that he knows it all too well.

Out of the comedies I've seen, I can most identify with this one.

Kudos to the casting department for putting together a unique group of people to portray the perfect characters for the story.

In the Initech office, the insecure Peter Gibbons hates his job and the abusive Division VP Bill Lumbergh that has just hired two consultants to downsize the company.

His best friends are the software engineers Michael Bolton and Samir Nagheenanajar that also hate Initech, and his next door neighbor Lawrence. Swanson hypnotizes him and he goes into a state of ecstasy. Swanson dies immediately after giving the hypnotic suggestion to Peter.

His girlfriend Anne is cheating on him but she convinces Peter to visit the hypnotherapist Dr. He dates the waitress Joanna and changes his attitude in the company, being promoted by the consultants.

When he discovers that Michael and Samir will be fired, they decide to plant a virus in the account system to embezzle fraction of cents in each financial operation into Peter's account.

Peter, Samir, Michael Bolton, and especially the Milton and Lumbergh characters, are all a true treat to watch and never get old upon reviewings.

A true comedic classic, but probably for more of a niche audience.

Having never worked in an office before, you may not enjoy it as much as others..then again, I could be wrong and is still worth checking out.

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