Radioactive dating of rocks worksheet

You Tube Video showing how density changes as you change the volume of a pillow You Tube Video of measuring the density of a chocolate bar.

The World is Flat- An entire lecture designed to convince students that the world is flat.

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Vocabulary Coordinates Practice Seismic Eruption Time Math 1 Time Math 2 When 2 Cars Race (P & S Race PPT for answers) Determining Epictr Distance Finding Epicenters I Finding Epicenters 2 Epicenters 3 Epicenters 4 Seismic Waves Calculating Richter Scale * Seismic Waves and Seismic Eruption are free demonstration programs available at: Convection Demonstration: Make Hot Chocolate in the classroom while showing principles of plate tectonics and convection- Very Fun!

P & S Race PPT answers to the worksheet as well as how to use the PS wave chart.

Lab 4-5 Epicenters PPT Vocabulary Sequence Puzzles: Sequence 1 Sequence 2 Sequence 3 Sequence 4 Sequence 5 Sequence 6 Sequence 7 Relative Dating Craters (see PPT to the right for answers) Worksheet on Radio Dating DBQ on Dinosaurs DBQ on The Natural History of LI DBQ on Magnetic Pole Reversals Walk The Dinosaur Sing-a-Long PPT (provide your own music) Relative Dating Craters PPT Index Fossils and Correlation - using pennies and brachiopod fossils to learn about correlation with index fossils.

As such, I have taste buds in my finger tips which allows me to do a taste-test on minerals without the danger of swallowing anything dirty.

If a student suspects a mineral is Halite, they give it to me.

I roll it between my fingers, smack my lips a few times and tell them if it tastes salty or not.(The key, of course is to be able to spot the cubic cleavage of Halite as opposed to the rhombihedral of Calcite and Gypsum.) I also prepare a CLEAN sample of Halite, bash it into tiny pieces before their eyes (on a CLEAN paper towel and invite them to taste it.The worksheets and activities on this page are here to help my fellow Science Teachers. You may also copy and paste into Word to customize the sheets.I will be adding to this sheet constantly throughout the year so check back often.You may e-mail me for answer keys just be prepared to prove you're really a teacher!You Tube Video on why the Reference Tables are soooo important.

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