Pixel king sony when updating

It boasts a dustproof, freezeproof and weather-resistant design, and is the first Pentax DSLR to offer Hybrid AF in live view.The K-70 offers in-body shake reduction image stabilization, bringing with it Pixel Shift Resolution and AA filter simulation.

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ohky, first of all, stop screwing around with your software... After 2 weeks it started crashing/ rebooting randomly about once or twice a day.

All that problems youve listed is software related, meaning you damaged the software or was just unlucky and got a bad batch. It turned out to be a hardware problem as after the service centre changed the motherboard (under warranty), it is working fine for more than a month.

Samsung is one of the leading brands in the cellular industry, but software is google. Don't purchase S7, it is filled with issues / bugs (fingerprint scanner, loudspeaker, no connection / no Wi Fi, volume drop, blue / green light in display) and their customer support is horrible.....

I bought it in June and started facing the above mentioned issues within 2 weeks of purchasing the phone, glad I bought another phone.

Indeed LG is worst in support, but I still would like a great support that last until the phone is really outdated like Google does with its Nexus.

The Nexus 5 got support until now even if Google didn't have to, beacause of its popularity.But in a 900$ phone, I really want a great support since lower-end phones and computers can get better support.Ricoh has unveiled the Pentax K-70, an advanced entry-level DSLR with an AA-filterless 24MP APS-C sensor and a body that's designed to stand up to the elements.Movie recording tops out at 1080/30p, augmented by a 4K interval mode that combines 4K resolution stills into a movie file. Somewhat cryptically, Ricoh says it will announce availability at the beginning of July.On the back panel, the K-70 provides a 3" 921k-dot vari-angle LCD where its K-50 predecessor used a fixed monitor. DENVER, Colo., June 8, 2016—Ricoh Imaging Americas Corporation today announced the PENTAX K-70 advanced digital single-lens reflex (SLR) camera.Compact, dustproof and weather-resistant, the new PENTAX K-70 camera incorporates features — many of which have previously only been available on top-of-the-line PENTAX models — that enable photographers to produce high-resolution still photos and HD videos in a wide variety of challenging conditions, including low light and temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C).

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