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‘Much later, when her divorce came through, we were talking about that day and she said: “You know, at that moment I thought maybe I should just step in front of the truck.” We had both thought the exact same thing.’ The ten-year age gap has never been an issue for Duffy, ‘but it might rest more heavily on my wife’, he admits.

‘Ninety per cent of my roles are married men, and the women I’m married to are usually younger, which you could understand would make it difficult for her.

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It was only months later when the final episode of that season’s Dallas aired that the purpose of the fake commercial — filmed without the knowledge of the rest of the Dallas cast and crew — became clear. and footage from the decoy advert was then used to show her being greeted by Bobby, dripping wet and very much alive.

Bobby’s wife Pamela (Victoria Principal), who had spent most of the series mourning her dead husband, wakes up and goes to the shower . In the new series, JR is depressed, Sue Ellen is all-powerful, and Bobby, as ever, the peacemaker between the new warring factions of the clan — JR’s son John Ross Ewing III and Bobby’s adopted son Christopher (Desperate Housewives’ stars Josh Henderson and Jesse Metcalfe respectively).

He and Linda Gray hardly seem to have aged in the intervening 20 years.

She said that she saw a look on my face that she claimed as hers.’‘I was an immature college graduate,’ he says.

‘She was ten years older than me and just this gorgeous, classical artist with a great body and I looked at her and thought: “I’ve got to have me some of that! The moment lust turned to love is still etched in Duffy’s mind.

‘We were in Seattle and she had to go back to her husband in New York,’ he recalls.‘She wasn’t considering divorce and we weren’t sure we’d ever see each other again.Gray looks incredible at 70 and Duffy, 62, may have grey hair, but he still has the all-American good looks which gained him a legion of fans.As Bobby, he gets a gorgeous new wife in the shape of yet another Desperate Housewife star, Brenda Strong.‘I spent two days of the shoot in bed with Brenda,’ says Duffy. My wife Carlyn understands now, but there was one time during the first year of Dallas when there was a love scene between Victoria Principal and me.Carlyn and I were at home watching the show and she was almost crying.

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