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Dating looks vastly different in 2016, even compared to a few decades ago. Are there any signs that they could be something serious?

But while our methods have changed, the mindset remains the same: at the end of it all, most of us are hoping to find “the one.” Online dating can raise questions. Plenty Of Fish knows the struggle of finding a soulmate better than most, so they set out in search of answers.

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There are so many interesting possibilities on Spark.

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After all, if those people don’t know the secrets to long-term love, who does?

POF found that certain behaviors - both online and offline - were predictors of whether you were setting yourself up for a serious relationship.

The survey’s key findings and insights included: The vast majority of survey participants believed in soulmates, so Plenty Of Fish dug deep and asked what made someone “the one.” Most kept it simple, saying you just “share a connection” and “they’re your best friend”, but others offered more specific answers.

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