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That, however, isn't true - not only are the religions themselves very different, but their fundamentalist strains developed in very different contexts.

This is key to understanding their fundamentalisms.

As outrageous as the Christian Right's overall agenda is, their specific arguments and beliefs can be worse.

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One of the central organizing features of conservative evangelical Christianity is the perceived need for absolute standards of social order.

They see all around them dangers to the social structures which uphold democracy, liberty, and especially Christianity.

Whatever appears to threaten social stability and order is thus an offspring of Satan.

It's common for people to discuss fundamentalism in both Christianity and Islam as if the phenomenon "fundamentalism" were essentially the same in both of these religions.

Mere words, though, cannot always convey the true absurdity of a position.

For that reason I have created propaganda posters which promote some of the beliefs of the Christian Right.

Many critics have noticed that fundamentalist religion spends a lot of time reacting out of apparent fear.

Find out more information on specific groups on the Religious Right (Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family) and general issues supported by them, like opposition to other religions, opposition to modern society, opposition to other Christian groups, "Family Values" and more.

Does the Bush administration believe in democracy, or does it have a stronger and more fundamental belief in theocracy?

It would be nice if they were firm supporters of democracy, but there is a great deal of evidence that the ultimate commitments of many administration officials have rested more with theocracy.

Are we governed by politicians who don't believe that the people are sovereign?

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