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The villagers will simply tell you it's more than an enrichment center, it's home. Teachers from across the region attended the 2nd annual West Texas Innovation Summit, which aims to provide educators the opportunity to collaborate and exchange ideas on how to engage today's students."High Point Village, meet my new friends," said Bradley Miller. and Margaret Talkington Charitable Foundation donated million to Texas Tech and it's going to be to channeled to the College of Visual and Performing Arts keeping in line with J. Texas Tech University officials announced today the start of an exciting new chapter in the university's growth: an expanded global presence in the form of its new international campus, Texas Tech University Costa Rica.

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With two deadly attacks on the goats at LISD's Ag Farm, the district is stepping up its security measures. As the greatest generation of America grows older, it is important to remember just what kind of role it played in keeping this country running during World War Two.

"To do some short term security out here at the Ag Farm, we're going to do some six foot fencing over here for the goats to be able to graze," LISD Superintendent Dr. In 2010, Congress did just that by installing the Spirit of 45 Day.

The day pays homage to those who served our country both on the battle field and back home.

Police say the victim, Eddie Bustamonte, had stopped to give the suspect a ride.

The hitchhiker then pulled a gun on Bustamonte, and when Bustamonte stopped the car and tried to run, the suspect shot him in the right shoulder, then drove away in the car.

Saturday was the day to honor cancer survivors on the South Plains who've fought the tough battle.The Hope Lodge released balloons for the 2,600 survivors the Lodge has housed over its six years in operation.High Point Village is an enrichment center that provides educational, social and motivation programs and activities for individuals with special needs.The first of many of these events will be Saturday, August 13th at a.m.Volunteers can show up at the park and Good Earth Recycling will provide bags for the trash and water.A few showers will be possible this evening and then we will have more chances for rain at the end of the week as a cold front moves through.

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