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Hello friend, my name is Rahul and I am 23 years old.

Then I thought, I have grown now and I know everything about sex and I love sex very much. I was in shock but I gave a hand to my mother and asked her to tell me the complete story.

She told me that her bother younger son who is 25 years old fucked my mother for 3 nights and due to shyness, my mother was not able to share the same with anyone in family.

I was very angry with him but my mother advised him that I should not do any foolishness else she will have bad name in society. I had not slept that night and went to city next morning and got the medicine for my mother.

After taking those medicines, her period started after 1 day. One day, I was working on computer and my mom came into my room. I was feeling so horny after seeing mom’s boobs and went to bathroom and did masturbation on my mother name.

Since that day, I wanted to fuck my mom as her boobs made me horny and I passionately wanted to lick those and suck those big boobs. My dick was hard and horny by now and my mother took it in her hands and started pressing and rubbing.

I was dreaming about her, dreaming about hardcore sex with her. I nobbed my head in yes direction locked her room from inside. Our lips were locked in between eachother lips and we were kissing wild and then after sometime, I asked her to remove her clothes. After seeing my mother’s nude body, I had lost my control over me. Her pink tits over rounded boobs were adding sexiness of my mother.

One night, I had collected my all courage and came to my mother’s room. I caught her both boobs in my hands started pressing.

I have just finished my BA final exams and waiting for the results. Her boobs are big and rounded in shape and they are always shown our from her blouse.

As I have completed my studies, so most of the time, I be at home only. My mother herself do all house hold works, due to this she is very fit have very sexy body. Ones again I said – please share it to me mom, I will not share with anyone. I don’t have sex with your father since last 2 years.

We belong to a upper class farmer family and have plenty of land. She said – Rahul, I have missed my periods since last 2 month. I told her – papa is already gone to city for getting his medicines. And if he been aware about this, he will annoyed and will get me out from this house.

We have very big house including 4 bedroom, drawing room, bathroom and kitchen. Now, I am telling you the actual incident my friends. One day, the elder son of my mother brother died and all family went there. As I told you that my father is a sick man, so papa and I came back to home and my mother stayed back for some days. Everything was going fine and one day, my mother called me and said – I want to talk to you Rahul. I was shocked after listing this, my mother never had such talks with me. She was requesting me again and again and begging me to get the medicines for her.

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