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I was there for nearly 10 year work long hours from sun up to sun is down, management is very poor did care to talk to you, always new supervisor that last about a year and leave. A lot of good employees were fired over dumb thing .

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I would recommend it to anyone looking for great work hours. But people need to learn to do their jobs and leave their personal feelings out of it. You'll be responsible for finding your own replacement.

I have enjoyed working at Fresenius Medical but would like to expand my skills. Started out a good job until Obama Care decreased Medicare reimbursement for patient treatments.

Now the company expects more work in less time; this is a formula for a patient disaster.

I've worked in dialysis for over 11 years I applied I was told I had the job went through everything had to wait three weeks and the day I was supposed to be hired they decide not to hire me so I lost out on other jobs Plus they were going to cut my pay by $2.50 they don't care about their patients they're all about making money they don't even care about the stats they do have good benefits but their outlook on everything as they are number one in this country and around the world so they don't really have to worry about nobody not the patient's not the staff nobody they take their time with everything it was I started my application in July 2nd I was supposed to start work July 25th they don't move fast for anything if you have another job stay with it until you know for sure you're hired these people do not know and do not care about your personal life The work environment is great and makes you want to come to work everyday.

I learned how important teamwork is working with this company.

Management was always there for us when we needed assistance.The hardest part was being able to handle all the different case loads we received but in the end it was very rewarding knowing that I helped save someones life.These conditions are getting less safe each day for a patient.Recently managers have stepped down because what's 'right' is not what is required of them.Everyone is looking to write up someone else to explain why employees are getting paid to work (who'd a thunk it).Do NOT consider working here unless you drink 8 energy drinks before you arrive to work hours before the sun comes up. I work at there old warehouse 9 1/2 years before moving to the new warehouse in 2014. When they took away everyone bonus that when employees didn't care anymore it was just a job now and a paycheck.

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