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Highland Heights is just ten miles east of Cleveland and a comfortable community for families whose providers work in the city.

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With the Great Lakes to the north and the Ohio River to the south, there are many areas for building a dream house overlooking the water.

Ohio also has a wide range of cultural activities due to the large amounts of universities that dot its landscape.

With its close proximity to both the Midwest and East Coast, Ohio is within a days drive to most areas of the country so it can make a great retirement town for someone who wants to still be pretty close to their old living place.

Ohio is a picturesque state filled with small towns and communities known across the country to be capitals of just about anything and everything.

You may find the capital of Bratwurst in Bucyrus or the capital of pottery in Zanesville.

The area is rich in heritage, culture and livability that keep tourists visiting year after year.

Some of the best small towns in Ohio are listed below.

We hope you enjoy visiting the areas as much as we have enjoyed sharing why they are so wonderful to visit.

Berlin, Ohio is an Amish hotspot for visitors who want to take in the crafts and shops of the Amish community.

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