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I like to run Chrome/Chromium with some command-line switches or flags enabled.On Windows, you can create a shortcut and set the parameters you want in its properties; on a Mac, you’ll need to launch it from the command line every time.Well, not anymore :) , Chromium would exit as soon as you quit

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For ntpdate, which sets the date and time based on the time from a central server accessed via the internet, you’d want to point it either at Apple’s time servers or org as follows to get the exact time: The offset at the end lets you know how divergent the system clock was with the newly set time.

In this example, the system clock was off by a laughably small fraction of a second.

You generally don’t need to do this if you use the “Set date and time automatically” feature within the Date & Time system preferences, though by setting clocks through the command line you could be sure that each machine on a network shows the exact same time.

directory, there’s an extension-less file with the exact same name as the app itself.

This file can be anything really, but in its simplest form it’s a shell script.

As it turns out, this folder/file structure is all it takes to create a functional app!After this discovery, Thomas Aylott came up with a clever “appify” script that allows you to easily create Mac apps from shell scripts. /usr/bin/env bash APPNAME=${2:-$(basename "" '.sh')}; DIR="${APPNAME}.app/Contents/Mac OS";if [ -a "${APPNAME}.app" ]; then echo "${PWD}/${APPNAME}already exists :("; exit 1;fi;mkdir -p "${DIR}";cp "" "${DIR}/${APPNAME}";chmod +x "${DIR}/${APPNAME}";echo "${PWD}/$"; files.Another approach is to set the date manually from the command line by using the “date” command string, where date is in the [mm][dd]HH]MM[yy] format, which is Month Date Hour Minute Year without any separation.This looks something like: For that example, it would set the date as “July 12 2018 at ”.You can learn more about setting the date with date –help, which also specifies that you can even set the seconds if you want to.The ‘date’ trick is what you’d want to use if the Mac in question does not have internet access for one reason or another.

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