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It’s that time of year where tons of folks are looking at gadget options – either for themselves or for friends and family.

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Nope, it’s a clear cut ‘what I’d buy’ for certain use cases.

Of course as more and more companies get into the market, there ends up being more and more possible scenarios as the products expand in functionality.

Now this past June I put together a Summer recommendations guide, but since then a lot of stuff has changed in certain markets.

Meanwhile, in other areas nothing has changed – for example, cycling computers remains identical to what it was this summer.

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For those that are familiar with my summer recommendations, here’s the sections that have changed in this post: – Triathlon watches – Running watches – Action cameras – Activity trackers All other sections remain unchanged.

If you’re looking for a listing of what I use day to day, check out my ‘Gear I Use’ list, as well as The Girl’s list too (both of which will have updates this week, though, fairly minimal changes).

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