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I have been a newspaper columnist in Orange County for 18 years.My topic: finding love after age 50 and beyond, far beyond in some cases.The most frequently asked question I receive from women, not just in Southern California, but across the USA and in many foreign countries, is “Where are the men?

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Statistics show that by age 65, the ratio of single women to men nudges close to three-to-one.

When Internet dating arrived on the scene, there was optimism that it would bring millions of lonely seniors together.

After all, they would be able to reach out from their small cities and towns across state lines to find a perfect match.

In the Los Angeles area, a single woman in Pasadena could make contact with a single guy in North Hollywood, a man she never would have met without the Internet.

In Orange County, I know of a man who used the Internet to find his future wife. He says they never would have met if not for the Internet.

But many senior women have given up using the Internet to find dates.

They have become discouraged with all of the liars, fakes, flakes, and scam artists they encounter.

Overall, women age 50+ are frustrated in seeking a partner. Diane, who moved to the Big Island of Hawaii a year ago from Oahu, said, “I have been on Internet sites and to this day have not found any suitable partners on this island.” Jackie, 56, from Florida, twice married said, “This is my experience with internet dating sites.

The men my age are generally looking for someone half my age.

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