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Hire Shanny as your personal “Wingwoman” and get exposed to Toronto’s single hotspots and learn how to become a singles magnet and improve your initial approach!

Sat in front of the TV watching re-runs of The Flash while eating Ben and Jerry’s from the carton?

Boutique Matchmaking might just be your best option.

We screen all our clients and match you with amazing singles that “add” to your life.

Become a member of SITC Matchmaking and let Shanny do the work for you. Shanny can be booked for a 60 minute session and can also do Skype sessions and help improve your dating strategies.

Exclusive, personalized Matchmaking can save you time in your search for Mr. As Toronto’s dating expert, Shanny can immediately assess what area’s you need assistance with and practices “mock dates” to get you in the zone and be successful on a first date.

For twenty-five years, Public Conversations has been helping people reach across deep differences while in the midst of crisis.

For years now, we’ve observed that one of the great relational crises of our time is dating. There are some programs out there to help the prospective dater, but we thought: “Why not us?

Who knows more about awkward conversations than PCP?

Before you Get Matched, it’s crucial that you are living a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Shanny creates a unique program, focused on new goals that allows you to work independently and monitor your personal growth.

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