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The story has a sad ending, as Reiner eventually committed suicide.

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But it turns out that our adventurous couple is behind the times.

Five years ago a British couple began raising “Sasha” in the same way.

Now they have finally revealed that “Sasha” is a boy.

Here the life story of David Reimer might be instructive.

When his circumcision as a baby went terribly wrong, destroying his male member, his parents took the advice of a psychologist and decided to raise him as a female, including the use of female hormones and surgery.

Reiner rebelled against this in his pre-teens, and came “out” as a male at age 15.

Later he let his story be told, to discourage similar gender meddling.

Sasha, of course, is aware of his personal equipment, and in fact “took to running around their garden naked” in a bid for self-expression.

He also has “been banned from sporting combat trousers,” which makes it sound like he asked to wear them.

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