Historic missouri numbers dating back to1988 Nasty phone chat

We thought “AV 3” meant Avondale, considering the sign is in Portage Park.It actually means Avenue, which makes little geographic sense, not considering the fact that “o” in Avondale would not have been a three.

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Historic missouri numbers dating back to1988 describe how radioactive dating works

From 1892 to 1921, one would have placed a call by telling the operator the name of the exchange, followed by the callee’s specific number.

For example, present day (773) 525-0421 would have been Lake View 421. In 1921, this was changed to a 3 letter – 4 digit system. This was cut back to 2 letter -5 digit (2L-5D) in 1948, lasting officially until 1977.

Area codes were introduced in 1947, however, the issue does not become confusing in Chicago until 1996. 2L-5D is the variety that remains…if you look hard enough.

Missouri's First State Capital can be found on Main Street in Historic St. Legislators made decisions and approved new laws for the new state of Missouri at this location between 18.

Today, tourist can visit the First State Capital or walk up and down cobblestone Main Street and visit shops and restaurants that reside within the renovated historic buildings, some dating back to the late 1700s and early 1800s. Charles is also on the Missouri Wine Trail and has several wineries in the historic district.

Many annual festivals are held on Main Street as well as in Frontier Park, located along the Missouri River, just one block away.

The Festival of the Little Hills is held every August with food, crafts, entertainment and fun! Christmas Traditions, a month long Christmas Festival, is a group of actors that act out the traditions of Christmas, from the Sugar Plum Fairy, to Carolers, to Father Christmas, they can all be found along the streets of Historic St.

Left: Before we were armed with a list of the two letter codes, telling us what they meant, we were left to make a guess based on the location.

This was also before we knew that the format was changed from 3L-4D to 2L-5D in 1948.

The first number in the five number version, taking the five in “CA 5-6969” for example, refers to the third letter in the word (Calumet), in this case ‘L’.

As stated earlier, these are not always based on proximity to what the name refers.

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