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Unfortunately, in violation of the US Constitution, the illegal Supreme Court separation of church law this information cannot be taught in public schools.

It must be added to a very long compilation of forbidden knowledge in the United States.

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Atomic explosions alter the amount of carbon-14 in the atmosphere.

Even with all these causes for inaccuracies in carbon-14 dating, buried fossils that scientists claim are 600 million to billions of years old should have zero carbon-14.

We are not told that carbon dating dates all of these fossils to have been buried at the time of the Great Flood. Radio halos in rocks and fission tracks in rocks indicate periods of rapid nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes.

It not only is a large amount of carbon-14 residue, it is not equal in different fossils.

First, not every living thing takes up carbon-14 equally, nor is every living thing exposed to the same amount of cosmic radiation.

The amount of cosmic radiation also changes with time and does not reach the earth equally over all regions.In buried organisms where cosmic radiation cannot penetrate, the life of carbon-14 cannot exceed 60,000 - 100,000 years. Heating of the ocean, animals, forest fires and burning of organic matter release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which may or may not be taken up by living organisms and cause both fossils and living organisms to appear much older in carbon-14 tests than they are. Updated for Kit Kat to fix SMS restore Fix restore options menu crash Fixes for PC Restore New font for Android 4.2+ Carbon has been renamed to «Helium» (trademark issue) App icons are now stored in a .nomedia directory as a hidden dot file.Redo your backups to hopefully clear out the gallery spam. Helium's Windows Installer now includes the Universal ADB Driver as part of the installation.If you had device detection problems before, this may fix it!Rapid nuclear decay of radioactive isotopes, carbon 14 dating and residual helium in diamonds indicate the creation of a young earth six thousand years ago and a time of the Great Flood at about 4500 years ago.

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