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As a long time user of as many plugins as I can get my hands on one of my favourite features of File Maker Server (starting with v5.5 if my memory serves me correctly) is the ability to push plugins to File Maker Pro and File Maker Pro Advanced clients automatically from the server using some simple File Maker Pro scripts.

Plugin maintenance was a painful process before this, having to manually install and update new plugin versions on each client workstation.

The application data directory has different locations for all supported operating systems for File Maker Pro 9: Now that you can install plugins in more than one location you will need to learn the new rules about managing plugins in these different locations.

For example what happens if you have the same plugin installed in both locations? As I encountered these problems within days of File Maker Pro 9 being released I’ve developed a good understanding of how to manage plugins in both locations and have developed these rules: The information about the change to downloading to the user’s application data folder is tucked away in the File Maker Server 9 readme – in my opinion it would be more appropriate to include it in the File Maker Pro 9 readme.

There’s some useful information about Auto Update and File Maker Server on the Troi website and the 24u website as well. S: I needed to locate the user’s application data folder quickly on different workstations so I wrote this script (which uses the Troi File plugin naturally!

) to get the location to the user’s application data folder (currently only for Windows XP and Vista, haven’t done a Mac version yet sorry).

Haven’t worked out the best way to format scripts in a Word Press blog post so sorry for the formatting – if you know how to do this please let me know!

360Works plug-ins require a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) in order to run, where the bitness (32 bit or 64 bit) of the JRE matches the bitness of File Maker.

File Maker Pro will prompt you on startup to download the appropriate software if it is not found on your computer, but File Maker Server has no such prompt, and you will need to manually download a 64-bit JRE if you do not already have one. For Mac OS 10.7+, you can find this here, or for Mac OS 10.6, here.

The Auto Update feature has worked in much the same way from Server 5.5 through Server 7, 8 and 9.

However there is one small change in File Maker Pro 9 that has caused some extra plugin maintenance work.

File Maker Pro 9 now has the ability to store plugins in 2 locations.

In addition to storing plugins in the Extensions directory within the File Maker Pro folder, for example on Windows for File Maker Pro Advanced v9 this would be: C:\Program Files\File Maker\File Maker Pro 9 Advanced\Extensions it can also store plugins in the user’s application data directory, which is typically a hidden folder that is not subject to the same access privileges issues as the application directory might be which can cause plugins not be downloaded (the user might not have read/write access to the application directory, for example).

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