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All individual applicants must either hold British Citizenship, be a citizen of Northern Ireland, or be Resident in Great Britain or Northern Ireland 2.All individual applicants must be aged over 18 years of age 3.

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In addition to funding the administration and organization of the Awards, this fee includes a license to use the registered UKDA 2016 trademark on your website. Nominations will only be considered complete once both the form and payment have been received.

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Any entries submitted after that time will be disregarded, unless previously agreed with the Awards Founder in exceptional circumstances.

Nominees will be shortlisted and announced via Twitter on October 17th.

The awards will be judged by a panel of respected, impartial individuals from within the Dating Industry.

All affiliations will be declared by these judges prior to the shortlist process, and any panelists with affiliations to nominees will not be involved in judging that particular category.

The winners will be announced at the UK Dating Awards on November 17th, 2016.

To maintain the integrity of the awards, we hope all shortlisted individuals and organisations attend the Awards Ceremony on the 17th.

The UK Dating Awards reserve the right to publish excerpts, and showcase screen shots from entered websites or blogs, in relation to the awards.

If an individual or organization is deemed ineligible, or disqualified from an award, the UKDA will not refund the administration fees. This is standard practice in national-level Industry Awards. Please submit payment (as detailed above) at the same time as your nomination form.

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