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Faizan and Sana Patel were all set for their Italian honeymoon until Sana lost her passport at the last minute.

When he was unable to lock in the friend request of his crush on Facebook, this desperate dude found her father and tried to network his way into a date. Despite being told NO through Dad's endless supply of memes, this illiterate and very thirsty dude never gives up hope.

A 41-Year-Old Dutchman named Alexander Pieter Cirk was sent to the hospital for exhaustion after wasting 10 days of his life at Changsha Huanghua International Airport in China.

Everything was going smooth between Cirk and his 26-year-old girlfriend Zhang, until this happened.

Even though Cirk has sent pictures of his tickets, Zhang says she "thought it was a joke." When Zhang was asked why she didn't respond to phone calls, she claimed she was undergoing cosmetic surgery in another Chinese City. As of now, only a person's top artists from their Spotify profile will show up on his/her Bumble profiles.

This delusional Bumble user lost all chill and turned a simple question into a rant about Beyoncé, neo-liberals, feminism, and gold-diggers.

Not only did Bumble kick this guy off of their dating app, but they went ahead and publicly shamed him on their blog as well.

Bumble is an online dating app meant to empower women.

In the future, Bumble is planning on enabling its users to select the artists they'd like to display on their profile.“Music says a lot about who we are as people and connecting culturally can serve a foundation for creating meaningful relationships." - Whitney Wolfe, CEO and founder of Bumble A website called Trump wants to help match all those Donald Trump supporters struggling to find a date.

The site was created by lifelong Republican, David Goss.

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