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Engineers have the ability to take a lot of information, and condense it into a few words.

Working with a lot of data everyday, they have to categorize what’s important and what’s not, since prioritizing their efforts and energy is of the utmost importance when focusing on a project. If you are lucky to be dating an engineer, or married to one like me, your household will not be one of many words, but the words will be very meaningful.

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Men and women in the engineering profession acquire acute attention to detail.

Not only does this mean they will want that specific type of cheese and will go to the store late at night just to get it, it also means they will remember special dates, things you said, small details, and be extremely thoughtful when in a relationship.

They won’t necessarily show it in the lovey-dovey way – but they will remember to get you that one thing for your birthday you mentioned briefly months ago, and not even make a big fuss about it.

are a specific breed of people, and consequently cautious thought have to me manufactured on their parts all through the courting procedure.

But once you understand them, you realize there are major pluses to having one as your partner.

Some of the smartest people out there, combined with a personality that can be confusing at first, if you are a free spirit, fly by the seat of your pants type like me.It’s no secret that engineers tend to be somewhat particular about where their things go.They like to have easy access, up-to-date technology, working solutions, and organization in their world.Perhaps their idea of organization is not the same as yours, but being with an engineer means respecting their ways, as intruding in their system can be disruptive to their balance and ability to be productive.And you will enjoy leading an organized life with your loved one.Engineers encounter a lot of high stress situations at work, and they know they can’t lose their minds.

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