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Emmanuelle Grey Rossum was born in New York City, where she was raised by her single mother, Cheryl Rossum, a corporate photographer (she has only met her father a few times).

Her mother is of Russian Jewish descent and her father has English and Dutch ancestry.

After passing an audition at the Metropolitan Opera when she was 7 years old, Rossum performed in more than 20 operas in six different languages at Lincoln Center, alongside such figures as Plácido Domingo and Luciano Pavarotti.

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Profits from the sale of the shoes will go towards helping Pencils of Promise build three new schools!

It would seem that 2004, the year of her 18th birthday, will be remembered as pivotal for Emmy Rossum due to her appearance in two very different films, Le jour d'après (2004) and Le fantôme de l'opéra (2004).

Emmy's performance in the latter film gained her a Golden Globe nomination.

When global warming triggers the onset of a new Ice Age, tornadoes flatten Los Angeles, a tidal wave engulfs New York City and the entire Northern Hemisphere begins to freeze solid.

Now, climatologist Jack Hall (Dennis Quaid), his son Sam (Jake Gyllenhaal) and a small band of survivors must ride out the growing superstorm and stay alive in the face of an enemy more powerful and relentless than any they've ever encountered: Mother Nature!

‘s partnership with Pencils Of Promise on Monday night (April 11) in New York City.

The model duo were also joined at the event by Joan Smalls, Emmy Rossum, Solange Knowles, Olivia Palermo, Olivia Culpo and Devon Windsor.

It was ladies' night at the Rockefeller Center Loft and Garden with cocktail dresses and hot shoes galore.

Piaget hosted the Limelight Paris-New York jewelry collection for the beautiful familiar faces including Maggie Gyllenhaal, Liv Tyler, Emmy Rossum and an extra light haired looking Leighton Meester.

At the party Leighton talked about feeling comfortable but a little bit sexy as well as revealing some about her new royal Gossip Girl love interest.

With the jewels on display and all these pretty ladies to admire them, looks like a shining night in the muggy Manhattan Summer.

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