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Not that it couldn't happen nor that I wouldn't be just as dead if they did, but I'm just trying to say that our lives are better now than they were in the "good old days" despite our nostalgic urges.

You can feel anyway you want, but don't confuse your feelings with facts.

If you think Donald Trump is bad, you should have seen George Wallace.

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I heard an editorial or rant the other day on right-wing radio about how the Trump fiasco is somehow President Obama's fault. I am constantly hearing people complain about how bad things are getting these days.

The basic premise of the delusion was that all of the President's "flaunting of the constitution" and "hate speech" (apparently discussing race in America is considered by some as hate speech), not to mention his occasionally discussing that there might be too many guns in the hands of maniacs were what gave rise to the ignorant masses who are now "trumpeting" their new hero, the Donald. The President can take credit for a lot of things, including restoring America's image at home and abroad, saving the economy and the American automobile industry, cutting unemployment in half, ending the war in Iraq and keeping us out of any new ground wars, killing Osama Bin Laden and dismantling Al Qaeda, providing affordable health insurance to millions, etc...this is one thing that he had nothing to do with. Every time you put forth the idea that government was the enemy, that it could do nothing right and that all we needed was to stop Washington from interfering in people's lives and the free market would magically restore our greatness, you helped create this monster. From Donald Trump to ISIS to Tamir Rice to The Tea Party Gazette, if you read the news, there are plenty of reasons to think that America, and indeed, the world, has lost its freakin' mind and to feel that things could not possibly get any worse.

Everytime you winked and nudged at a racist anti-Obama statement or cheered on those who said he was un-American...every time you suggested that any nuanced or intellectual approach to a problem was weak, or elitist, you gave support to those who are cheering on this blow-hard bully who "loves the poorly educated". It is easy to see why so many people think the end is nigh. Nearly all religions warn of the pending end of the world..Christians, Muslims, and Jews alike are sure that we are in the "end times". It is our own mortality that is always approaching the end.the longer we are here, the more true that is.

Women and children and poor people have more opportunity and freedom than they ever have.

And while there's certainly a lot of ignorance and suffering left and we should all do our part to alleviate it wherever we find it, there are billions of people living relatively healthy lives free from oppression and hunger around the globe.

If you read history, you'll see that there's never been a more brutal world government than the one the Romans spread at the end of a sword I'm sure anyone living through World War I and II certainly felt like things could not get any worse.

I grew up thinking it was just a matter of time before we had a nuclear war with the Soviet Union, so I'm just not all that afraid of a few terrorists sneaking into the country with suicide vests and infiltrating the New Year's Eve celebrations tonight in Nashville.

Every time you let someone blame our problems on immigrants or muslims, you were paving the way for this ignorant dangerous man. In fact, some of the more insane amongst them are actively trying to bring the end of the world to fruition. I am reminded of George Carlin's joke about the world ending...something to the effect of, the world is fine.

It just needs to brush off this parasite called Humanity and it'll be fine.

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