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The domain names shown to the right of each country/county/state are the main dating sites for that particular portfolio. Each has a totally different membership, with many of our daters choosing to join both site choices in their particular area.

Thus dramatically increasing the amount of local and national dating available to them.

- JRR Tolkein As we know, Birmingham is the most populated city in the UK outside London.

So if you are thinking of trying online dating, Birmingham is the city in which to do it.

How else will you find Mr or Ms Right among all those eligible singles?

A relationship and dating website where it’s free to review matches with other singles is the perfect place to start.,,,,,,,,,, Rank is a comprehensive measure of website popularity and profitability.

It can be estimated the following way: First, you got to know positions of the site for different search queries in Google organic search results.

Second important notion is traffic – estimated number of visitors coming to the page from Google organic search results.

Third, you should know traffic cost – estimated cost of purchasing visitors.

Combining these three values, position, traffic and traffic cost for each query, you get website rank value!

The higher the rank is, the more popular and profitable the website is.

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