Dating women over fifty

According to the latest census research, those over the age of 50 are now divorcing at double the rate of younger people.

The even more riveting subgroup is those over 50 who are remarried.

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Over the age of 50, most people have baggage in the form of financial issues, emotional issues stemming from a failed marriage, children they are still raising or putting through college, and much more.

The goal is to find someone with carry-on baggage, not steamer trunks.

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Most older daters are reluctant to reveal all of their warts in the beginning of a new relationship.

If you’re in that group, you are at significant risk for a rebound divorce, or marrying the wrong person, usually far too quickly, later in life.

When those marriages don’t work out, the consequences can be even harsher because you are older and less resilient, financially and emotionally.

Here’s how to protect yourself from a crushing late in life divorce: #1.

Realize that those you date — like yourself — have significant baggage, and be prepared to deal with it.

The risk of rejection is so high that people tend to focus on just having fun and superficial conversation until they can build a high level of trust.

That means you don’t know what you’re getting until far down the road — sometimes two or three years. When you find someone special, be bold with your questions.

By pacing the relationship slowly, you can afford to dole out your biggest questions and get the answers you need.

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