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There is a lot to be said for vertically challenged men who still get all the girls.

Look no further than the shorter studs of Hollywood who make a major impact despite their smaller-than-average height.

Ludacris has no problem with the ladies, and neither does Kevin Hart, who just got engaged (and isn’t it so cute how he is so super excited about it?

And yet, women still aren’t into dating guys who are shorter than them. Are you telling me that if John Legend came up to you and said he wanted to wine and dine you, you would be like, “You have to hit 6 feet? I asked a few of my friends if they would date a man who is shorter than them when they wear flats, and most of them said no.

These are the reasons they stated, and why I think their reasons are invalid: There is something about height and being towered over that makes a woman feel safe.

I get that, but if you have so many issues with personal safety or walking in the street with someone who looks lethal, then maybe it’s time for tae bo classes. A man isn’t a tool, not to mention the average male height worldwide is 5’7”.

And besides, the notion that short men can’t protect you is downright offensive.

Bruce Lee was 5’7″, Jet Li is 5’6″ and you have to admit, Tyrion Lannister is badass.

Women often say they don’t like to wear heels around men who are shorter than them because it makes them feel less feminine.

But, nothing makes a heel-wearing woman more feminine than that sexy sway only obtainable when in a pair of sky-high stilettos. When you sit down or go horizontal, there’s only one type of inch that really matters.

Are you going to be wearing heels for the duration of the relationship? It’s kind of mean to hold something against someone, which he can’t change, right?

A guy can promise to take you out every so often, be faithful and send you a text when he gets home; what he can’t do is grow taller or change the size of his feet. If the guy you’re dating is a gentleman with a job, health insurance and doesn’t live with his mother, and the only flaw you can find (other than his snoring and terrible texting habits) is his height, then it is most definitely time to prioritize your standards.

Standards are great; they keep us from making a lot of bad decisions, but there is such a thing as too many standards.

When you’re getting into what color his hair should be and whether he is a PB&J kinda guy, you need to calm your tits.

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