Dating restaurants chicago

These exciting events create lots of opportunities to meet and interact on a personal basis with like-minded discerning singles in their 30s through 50s.

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is in no way like those expensive dating services or matchmakers.

We are certainly not in any sense like the personals ads, speed dating events, or video or Internet dating.

Our club simply provides you a variety of affordable events where you can relax, enjoy yourself and meet and make friends and form relationships over a delicious dinner and a glass of wine.

Others had tried various speed dating events, the Internet, video dating, or even matchmakers.

Regardless of how much money they spent, the results were often a lot of horror stories, wasted time and effort.

They were attractive, eligible singles who simply kept missing each other like ships passing in the night.

In December, 2002, I founded a singles club that emphasized dinner parties and dinner dances—comfortable ways to meet and socialize on a personal basis.

At the same time, my buddies would tell me that “all the good women” were already taken.

After hearing their complaints, it was easy to see why they weren’t finding anyone they liked. Because to meet new people, they kept going to their usual “hangouts”, doing the same things they always had.

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