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David child of Jewish fighter, Warsaw Doi, Colonel Japanese interrogator of Teerts Donlan, Kevin U. Army private in Naperville, Illinois Embry, Ken pilot of RAF bomber crew FERMI, ENRICO nuclear physicist at the University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory Finkelstein, Sam doctor Fiore, Bobby second baseman, Decatur Commodores (I–I-I League) Fuchs, Stefan loader in Heinrich Jager’s tank Goldfarb, David RAF radarman in Dover England Gorbunova, Ludmila Red Air Force pilot Gordon captive in Fiat, Indiana GROVES, LESLIE U. Army colonel HITLER, ADOLF German Fuhrer Hocker, Maximilian lieutenant colonel, German Army, Paris HULL, CORDELL U. secretary of state Jacobi, Nathan BBC newsreader Jager, Heinrich major Sixteenth Panzer Division Jones, Jerome RAF radarman in Dover England Karpov, Feofan Red Air Force colonel Kasherina, Yevdokia Red Air Force pilot Kobayashi, Lieutenant-Colonel Japanese interrogator of Teerts Kraniinov, Viktor Red Army lieutenant colonel in Moscow Lane, Edward “Ted” radioman in RI4F bomber crew Larssen, Barbara graduate student in medieval literature; Jens’ wife Larssen, Jens nuclear physicist, University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory Leah Jewish fighter in Warsaw Lejb Jew in Hrubieszow, Poland Lidov, Boris NKVD lieutenant colonel, Moscow Liu Han Chinese peasant woman Marie captive in Fiat, Indiana MARSHALL, GEORGE U. Army Chief of Staff Max Jew who survived Babi Yar; Soviet partisan MOLOTOV, VYACHESLAV foreign commissar of the USSR Okamoto, Major Japanese interpreter and interrogator of Teerts Old Sun tailor in China PATTON, GEORGE U. Army major general Pavlyuchenko, Kliment kolkhoz (collective farm) headman in the Ukraine Popova, Yelena Red Air Force major RIBBENTROP, JOACHIM VON German foreign minister Riecke, Ernst captain, Sixteenth Panzer Division Risberg, Buck soldier in Aurora, illinois Rodney captive in Fiat, Indiana Russie, Moishe ex-medical student in the Warsaw ghetto Russie, Reuven Moishe Russie ‘s son Russie, Rivka Moishe Russie’s wife Sal captive in Fiat, Indiana Sanders, Charlie black man feeding soldiers in Naperville, Illinois Schmidt, Dieter driver of Heinrich Jager’s tank Schneider, Sergeant U. Army recruiting sergeant Schultz, Georg gunner of Heinrich Jager’s tank Sebring, Gerald nuclear physicist, University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory Simpkin, Joe rear gunner in RAF bomber crew SKORZENY, OTTO SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Spiegel, Michael German Army lieutenant colonel in Satu Mare, Romania Stansfield, Roger Royal Navy commander; CO of HMS Seanymph Sullivan, Joe pitcher Decatur Commodores (I–I-I League) Sylvia barmaid at the White Horse Inn, Dover England SZILARD, LEO nuclear physicist, University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory THOMSEN, HANS German ambassador to the United States Thomsen, Pete reporter on the Rockford Courier-Journal TOGO, SHIGENORI Japanese foreign minister Tompkins, Charlie mechanic in Strasburg, Ohio Virgil sailor on the merchant ship Caledonia Wagner, Eddie U. Army private near Delphi, Indiana Whyte, Alf navigator in RAF bomber crew Yeager, Sam outfielder Decatur Commodores (I–I-I League) Yi Min Chinese apothecary Yossel Jewish fighter in Poland ZINN, WALT nuclear physicist, University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory THE RACEAtvar fleetlord, invasion fleet Breltan radar technician, 67th Emperor Sohrheb Drefsab intelligence operator on Atvar’s staff Erewlo subleader, communications section Feneress shiplord-member of Straha’s faction Gefron killercraft pilot, flight leader Gnik outpost commander at Fiat, Indiana Hassov shiplord-member of Kirel’s faction Horrep shiplord-member of Straha’s faction Kirel shiplord, 127th Emperor Hetto Krefak missile battery officer Krentel landcruiser commander Mozzten shiplord based in U. Yet had any been so foolish as to omit the proper respect, he would have noticed-and remembered.

Shiplord Kirel, his body paint less elaborate only than Atvar’s, joined him at the projector.

As Atvar did every morning, he said, “Let us examine the target.” Kirel served the fleetlord by touching the control with his own index claw.

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All the officers turned both eyes toward the hologram.

Atvar, as was his custom, walked around the projector to view it from all sides: Kirel followed him.

When they were back where they had begun, Atvar ran out a bifurcated tongue.

“Cold-looking place,” the fleetlord said, as he usually did.

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The squat popularity factor is the fraction of the most important typo variations of the domain that are registered by typosquatters.Learn more about typosquatting and cybersquatting at Wikipedia.(Characters with names in CAPS are historical, others fictional)HUMANSAloysius captive in Fiat, Indiana ANIELEWICZ, MORDECHAI guerrilla leader in the Warsaw ghetto Arenswald, Michael engineer Heavy Artillery Battalion Dora Bagnall, George flight engineer in RAF bomber crew Bauer, Klaus hull gunner in Heinrich Jager’s tank Becker, Karl engineer Heavy Artillery Battalion Dora Bell, Douglas bomb-aimer in RAF bomber crew BOR-KOMOROWSKI, TADEUSZ general, Polish Home Army Brodsky, Nathan Jewish laborer at Warsaw airport Burkett, Dr. Chase, Otto cement plant worker at Dixon, Illinois CHURCHILL, WINSTON prime minister of Great Britain Collins, Colonel U. Army officer COMPTON, ARTHUR supervisor, University of Chicago Metallurgical Laboratory Daniels Pete “Mutt” manager, Decatur Commodores (I–I-I League) Daphne barmaid at the White Horse Inn, Dover, England . Relek shiplord 16th Emperor Osjess Relhost assault force commander in attack on Chicago Ristin soldier captured by U. Army Rolvar killercraft pilot Shonar shiplord-member of Straha’s faction Ssofeg prison-camp official in China Straha shiplord 206th Emperor Yower Svallah artillery supervisor in the attack on Chicago Teerts killercraft pilot, flight leader Telerep landcruiser gunner Tessrek senior psychologist Ullhass soldier captured by U. Army Ussmak landcruiser driver Votal landcruiser commander Xarol killercraft pilot Zingiber Northern Flank Commander in the attack on Chicago Zolraag governor of Warsaw Fleetlord Atvar strode briskly into the command station of the invasion fleet bannership 127th Emperor Hetto . But for the way his eye turrets swiveled in their sockets, one to the left, the other to the right, he ignored them.“Cold and wet.”“Yet it will serve the Race and the Emperor,” Kirel replied.When he spoke those words, the rest of the officers returned to their assigned tasks; the morning ritual was over.Kirel went on, “Pity such a hot white star as Tosev has hatched so chilly an egg.”“Pity indeed,” Atvar agreed.

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