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The menu translation option attempts to translate Windows-managed in-game menus, and is AGTH compatible.The AGTH exe and dlls must be in the Translation Aggregator directory for it to be able to inject AGTH into a process.

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TA also includes the ability to launch Japanese apps with Japanese locale settings, automatically inject AGTH into them, and inject its own dll into Japanese apps.

Its dll can also translate their menus and dialogs using the ATLAS module (Requires you have ATLAS installed, of course).

Versions 0.4.0 and later also include a text hooking engine modeled after AGTH.

I'm open to adding more, but some of the other sites (Like Word Lingo) seem to go to some effort to make this difficult.

JParser requires edict2 (Or edict) in the dictionaries directory, and supports multiple dictionaries in there at once. You can also stick enamdict in the directory and it'll detect some names as well, though the name list will be heavily filtered to avoid swamping out other hits.

If you have Me Cab installed, JParser can use it to significantly improve its results.

TA can also look up definitions for Me Cab output as well, if a dictionary is installed.

Translation Aggregator basically works like ATLAS, with support for using a number of website translators and ATLAS simultaneously.

It was designed to replace ATLAS's interface as well as add support for getting translations from a few additional sources.

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