Dating pickup techniques for men

Being is the key to having fruitful conversations with Cougars (Note that being funny is not the same as being interesting when dating Cougars though it can play a role).

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So, if you want to attract a Cougar, you’ll need to have a strong character, know exactly what in life, be mature, and know who you are.

Running to the XBox and going, “Awesome, you have an XBox, you wanna play? If you don’t have goals, a career path, or something else to show you are a serious, focused guy, you are better off dating younger women and leaving the Cougars to the real men.

Ask yourself what is it that Cougars get out of the relationship aside from the trendiness of it. You may come up with a number of different reasons like sex, to feel younger, to engage in a more mature relationship, to be motherly, but what you will eventually notice is that many of your reasons revolve around your body.

Younger men are more muscular and energetic as well as more open to experimentation compared to older men – and they have more stamina.

This translates to better sex and better sex-appeal and a better time before and after sex.

So take care of your body by exercising regularly, eating well and making sure your skin, hair and teeth are in top notch condition.

If it was all about money, wisdom or maturity, younger men wouldn’t beat out older men in the Cougar dating game.

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This is one of the most important insider tips to consider when dating Cougars.

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