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By getting to know her I mean finding out what she likes to eat, where she likes to shop, what does she like to do for fun, and what type of food she likes to eat.When you know these different things about her it will make it easy for you to ask her out.

Be Confident It’s been proven that the more confident you are the better chance you’ll have of getting just about any girl you ask out to say yes.

As I stated earlier, when you are nervous it will cause you to be to even approach her, and if you do get up enough nerve to approach her you’ll start stuttering and looking confused because you’re not confident.

Most girls are attracted to confident guys even if they’re not very attractive or their type.

When you approach you should approach her from the front so she sees you coming instead of sneaking up behind her, as this will demonstrate more confidence.

As you are approaching her keep your head up straight, have good posture, and keep eye contact with her.

As soon as she sees how confident you are you won’t have to say much to convince her to go out with you on a date.Don’t Be Desperate Desperate guys don’t get dates, and it’s that simple.It might seem hard to some guys to ask a girl out on a date, but once you learn how to actually go about it everything becomes easy.Most of the time guys fail to get the girl they want because they are too nervous when they ask them out.If you don’t know what to say when asking a girl out then please keep reading and learn some effective strategies you can take advantage of.Get to Know Her Getting to know the girl you are interested in asking out is very important.

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