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In his resistance to the idea, […] Continue reading...Reprinted from the Autism Spectrum News, Fall 2014, p.24.

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Dating, friendship, job relationships…it’ll all be there. That is a pretty bold question to ask, don’t you think?

Which is exactly why I opened an email sent by the brilliant business mind, Seth Godin, with the same exact subject line.

Seth, as you may imagine, was not asking me for my salary.

He was easing me into the fact that what I make are decisions.

Each day you decide whether to get out of bed or go back to sleep. The term “paralysis by analysis” is one of my favorites.

You decide to go whether to work or sit on the couch. I bet you never thought of yourself as a Decision Making Machine. I thought I was just doing “my thing.” But Seth made me realize that I had a choice: I can either go through life or make the life that I want. I have a close family member (ahem, father) who is the consummate analyzer.

You decided whether to read this article rather or play Mindcraft (or maybe both at the same). In other words, I can be passive about my future or actively shape it. No joke, when we were choosing what seats to buy at Yankee Stadium, my father insisted that we calculate the hypotenuse to determine which seats were physically closer to home plate. My Decision Making Machinery kicked in and I told my father that we needed to choose seats before someone else took them.

Endless analysis is one way that you are guaranteed to get nothing done.

You keep on planning how to reach your goal without ever taking a step towards achieving it.

And then, at some point, it is too late to make a decision. On to the next thing.” Here is the thing: You made a decision. And, the result of your decision is that you made no progress.

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