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Note that dates are exact when known, or approximated by best estimate Estimates are indicated by c.

(circa) preceding the date Makers name was determined by signature or unique features; if only by features of the stand the maker name is followed by '(A)' (attributed) Note that COO's are determined by established data or, when not certain by features of construction usually associated with the attributed (a) country. AUSTRIA CHINA ENGLAND FRANCE GERMANY IRELAND JAPAN POLAND SCOTLAND TYPES: BAR-LIMB...

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Although it can be hard to date examples of such a timeless design with any precision, certain features are strong indications of age.

When thinking of all antiques in existence there are tens of thousands, if not more, of different identification marks.

For instance one website, Antique-Marks, has more than 10,000 images of maker's marks and trademarks found on antique pottery and porcelain.

Every collector, whether a novice or seasoned, needs accurate resources that help to identify and value pieces of interest.

These marks generally help with identification and dating of the piece by giving a significant historical point of reference.

Marks assist in determining one or more of the following: There are many excellent resources of identification marks including books, price guides and websites.

Many works have been written on maker's marks, hallmarks and other identifying marks of specific types of antiques.

The same is true for antique dealers, auctioneers and pickers.

With the vast number of identification marks, it is virtually impossible to recognize all of the different manufacturers of one specific category, such as English porcelain.

Many collectors that specialize in a specific type or era of antiques generally only recognize the most well known of the maker's marks, along with the marks of pieces they have a special interest in collecting.

Many antiques have marks on the underside that are stamped, impressed or painted.

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